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Antiques Arrival!

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Antiques Shipment just in! Over 300 Antique pieces have just arrived from Europe. Stop into our stores in Mount Pleasant and Murrells Inlet to find the perfect accent piece to add some character to your home! Click here to contact us today! Here’s a sneak peak of what was just brought in:

Wallpaper is BAAAAAACK!!!

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Believe it or not, when we propose using wallpaper in a client’s home, many times we get the question, “isn’t that a thing of the past?” Or, “I don’t want my house to look like my grandmother’s powder room.” And even, “while I loved the Brady Bunch, I do not care to live in a house of wall to wall grasscloth.” BUT, in the past couple of years, wallpaper has made a HUGE comeback in a lovely and fashionable way.

Mantle Decor

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On all design projects, one of the most important tasks is accessorizing a space to give it a completed and polished look. All too often, we have clients spend tons of money on the staples (think furniture, window treatments, and rugs) and skimp at the end to save some money.

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