Blue is the New Black!

March’s fabulous birthstone, Aquamarine, is a beautiful blue-green color for you to add that statement color to your interior space! Aquamarine is a perfect color for our coastal environment, and just so happens to be the “it” pantone this summer.  Do not be intimidated by this bright shade as it can make a true statement in any room, used in the right way.  Here are just a few tips on how you can incorporate this amazing shade into your home.

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1. Wallpaper or paint an accent wall this lovely shade. Doing so will give you plenty of bang for your buck.  Pop some neutral and metallic colors up against the bright colored wall in the form of furniture, mirrors, and accessories, and you’ve got a sassy space for everyone to admire.

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2. Hang some aquamarine window treatments against light colored or neutral walls. The ombre aquamarine draperies below help to pull together the light blue/green shade on the walls and the bright aquamarine upholstered chairs surrounding the dining table.

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3. Upholstering chairs and/or a sofa in this bright color will really make a room pop. You can do as little as an accent chair or as much as a sofa and chairs.  Just decide how much of this stunning color you want to see and ensure your patterns and colors compliment one another.

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4. Paint your kitchen island or bar in a shade of aquamarine/blue. In the picture below, our client had seen a teal Fender guitar and loved the color.  When we had the bar initially customized, the client realized the Fender Teal was a little bright for the space.  But, with an easy application of glaze to the bar’s surface, we were able to maintain the interesting color without making it too “over-the-top!”  It really makes a statement in this open space layout.

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5. Tile backsplash is the perfect place to add some fun color to your kitchen or bathroom. With the blues and greens being such a hot color palette right now, there are tons of awesome mosaics and subway tiles to brighten your space.

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6. Bolden up your bedding. With neutral furniture and walls, a bright throw and bright pillows are the perfect way to get that hint of color you like without going overboard.  Pretty art and bright accessories are another way to tie it all together!

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