Designing with Neutrals

Are you under the impression that neutrals are drab? Boring? Bland? NO WAY! A well designed neutral space can give you the utmost feeling of elegance. It is true that if the wrong selections are made, a neutral palette can be uneventful, unimaginative and look too sterile. It can be tricky. But the key to success is in the design selection process. Each selection must be carefully and thoughtfully made in order to keep the space interesting. Since the colors in a neutral design are minimal then the furniture, artwork and accessories get to be the star of the show.

The neutral palette of this Family Room is both classic and timeless. Because of it’s soft hues, this gathering space can be used to entertain the company of family and friends but also be utilized a cozy retreat for quiet nights alone.

In this sophisticated Dining Room, the neutral palette showcases the decorative molding on the walls and allows this decorative feature to get the attention it deserves. By keeping the colors simple and classic, the richness of the trim details are able to shine.

A neutral palette easily gives your home unity and flow from room to room. As you can see in the image, the Dining Room and Foyer are open to one another and are harmonious because of the paired down color palette.

Your eye is automatically drawn to color so a neutral palette is quiet, restful and pleasing to the eye. This is very desirable, especially in a bedroom. In the Master Bedroom suite, the subtle neutral backdrop allows the bed to be the focus in the room. The soft shades of color give the canopy bed drama and it becomes the focal point in this serene space.

A neutral palette also gives flexibility if a pop of color is desired. When neutral shades are used as the foundation, any color can be added. This welcoming bedroom has small doses of aqua and blue that creates a calm inviting environment for guests.

As you can see in this beautiful well curated home, neutrals used correctly in design are tasteful, refined and anything but boring!

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