Hidden Muses for your Home

Inspiration + Interior Design + Tips

At times, starting an interior design project can seem quite overwhelming. Sometimes, you just do not know where to start, or even worse, what the end result should look like. That is where the CHD team comes in to save the day. The designers at CHD Interiors each have their own unique way of drawing […]

Uniquely Yours

Custom + Decor + Interior Design

Why Custom? Because sometimes you just can’t find that perfect something in a store. One of the many advantages of working with a CHD  designer is  that we have hundreds of resources and the creative ability to provide you with unique custom pieces for your home. Maybe you have unusual size limitations or that perfect […]

Have a Design Dilemma? Ask Our Designers!

CHD Team + Community + Design + Design Dilemma + Interior Design + Tips

Let’s face it – we all find ourselves faced with interior design dilemmas. As professionals in the interior design biz, we, too, find an occasional predicament that leaves us a little stumped. Lucky for us, we have a heck of a design team, so when we get stumped, there are tons of opinionated designers here at CHD ready to weigh in on solving the problem. The wonderful thing about good design is that it can be achieved in many ways!

Lighting Scale

Interior Design + Lighting + Tips

Lighting is an important part of interior design and has the ability to brighten your home if scaled correctly. Here are some of CHD’s before and after photos and tips to help you select lighting that best compliments your space!

Customizing Window Treatments

Design + Interior Design + Tips + windows

These custom box pleat valences provide another soft fabric to the space with an unexpected tape to compliment the paint color. The window treatments in both the sitting and library coordinate to create a sense of balance off of the foyer space. The design consistency in both rooms creates harmony, while adding another fabric to help with acoustic properties as well.

Bring Spring Cheer Inside with Unique Lighting

Decor + Lighting + Tips

Lighting is a fun and creative way to express your style and also enhance the ambiance of room. Here are some of CHD’s favorite tips to help you select lighting that best accommodates your space. Selecting lighting that fits your space is of utmost importance. A common mistake is picking a light fixture that is too small for the required space. For example, tall ceilings and the area above large dining tables require larger chandeliers. For kitchen islands, you have the option of using a single chandelier or multiple pendants.

Space Planning Tips for Good Interior Design

Interior Design + Tips

When planning any interior space, you not only want it to be beautiful – you also want it to be functional. As interior designers, our staff is well-trained in helping you with all your interior needs and perhaps most importantly, the space planning for your rooms. Before you can create the perfect room, you need to focus on how you live, what you do, how you function, etc. so you can maximize your home’s potential. Here are five important tips to remember when planning any interior space!

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