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Solar Eclipse Lighting


Come visit us in our two showrooms filled with out of this world lighting options. Let the sunshine in with assistance guided by our trained staff of interior designers that have grand visions for interior lamps,rugs,fabrics and accessories. You can even try any of these lovely items to be assured it makes the difference in […]

Lighting Scale

Interior Design + Lighting + Tips

Lighting is an important part of interior design and has the ability to brighten your home if scaled correctly. Here are some of CHD’s before and after photos and tips to help you select lighting that best compliments your space!

Bring Spring Cheer Inside with Unique Lighting

Decor + Lighting + Tips

Lighting is a fun and creative way to express your style and also enhance the ambiance of room. Here are some of CHD’s favorite tips to help you select lighting that best accommodates your space. Selecting lighting that fits your space is of utmost importance. A common mistake is picking a light fixture that is too small for the required space. For example, tall ceilings and the area above large dining tables require larger chandeliers. For kitchen islands, you have the option of using a single chandelier or multiple pendants.

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