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Bring Spring Cheer Inside with Unique Lighting

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Lighting is a fun and creative way to express your style and also enhance the ambiance of room. Here are some of CHD’s favorite tips to help you select lighting that best accommodates your space. Selecting lighting that fits your space is of utmost importance. A common mistake is picking a light fixture that is too small for the required space. For example, tall ceilings and the area above large dining tables require larger chandeliers. For kitchen islands, you have the option of using a single chandelier or multiple pendants.

Space Planning Tips for Good Interior Design

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When planning any interior space, you not only want it to be beautiful – you also want it to be functional. As interior designers, our staff is well-trained in helping you with all your interior needs and perhaps most importantly, the space planning for your rooms. Before you can create the perfect room, you need to focus on how you live, what you do, how you function, etc. so you can maximize your home’s potential. Here are five important tips to remember when planning any interior space!

When to Save and When to Splurge

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So, you are looking to spruce up your home, but you can’t decide how to best spend it? Welcome to the predicament so many of our clients find themselves facing. Lucky for you, we work with clients’ budgets all the time, and we know how to help you allocate your dollars in the best way possible. Here are the top three places to splurge and some tips on where to save!

Top Interior Design Trends for 2015

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1. Mix the Old and New: As the world continues to become more focused on going green, repurposing, and reinventing, we see the same trend influencing the interior design world. People are fusing contemporary design, with unique antique and vintage pieces to create a distinctive, singular look.

How to Choose the Correct Area Rug for your Space

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An area rug grounds a room and can serve as the foundation for the pattern and color palette in a room. It can also be the first selection made in a space. The rug can either be loud in pattern and color or subtle in texture and tone. Regardless of the style, color, or pattern, the placement of furniture on top of the rug and the scale of the rug are key to a successful design.

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