Romantic Interior Feels

It’s that time of year again when Love is in the Air. Where we express the love and admiration we have for the people in our lives. During this season, warmth, and femininity becomes more prevalent in our surroundings and especially in our interiors. Bring this fresh whimsical feel to your space all year round with romantic influences in your materials, patterns, and details to create both happy and intimate spaces.

We see an example of romantic inspiration in this updated living room. These photos are proof that even small changes in a space make a big difference in a space’s over all feel. The application of new shades and drapery panels fill in this wall and frame the grand windows with a large-scale floral print. New pillow cases in a smaller scale pattern continue to bring in color and capitalize on the warmth brought in by the draperies.

Romantic influence can be integrated by using smaller details such as new trim, throw pillows, or an accent wall covering. What is not to love! Use simple updates to bring more warmth and playfulness to your space this Valentines!

There are tips and tricks for those who are not looking to make any big changes but still enjoy the festivities. The application of smaller decorative pieces can fill in the empty space in a room and freshen it up with some season appropriate accents. Valentine’s Day décor does not always have to be tacky. There are some beautiful pieces out there that are elegant and might inspire you to leave them on display for a few more months.

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