Oil Painting

The inspiration for this room came from an oil painting the client had. The fabrics, color scheme, and overall style of the room was based on this painting.

Signature Fabric

The heart of the design

This fabric is the heart of the design for the primary space and the heart of the home. It is an old English applique design by Travers.

Color Scheme

Establishing the Colors & Secondary Fabrics

The color palette is chosen based on the inspirational oil painting. We then choose our secondary fabrics and patterns based on the signature fabric, such as the striped fabric on this chair and the silk plaid drape fabric.


The background of the design

The rug is normally chosen after the other items are selected, as it is the background of the room and not the focus.

The Finished Product

Choose the Upholstery, Furnishings, etc.

The style of the room is chosen based on the clients preference. Here, we have an antique china cabinet mixed with contemporary fixtures, as well as contemporary chairs mixed with an 1880's dining table. A mixture of all periods and finishes gives the room a lived in "acquired" look.

Our Process

At CHD Interiors, we pride ourselves on transforming our clients’ personalities into home designs they can truly enjoy. Our inspiration comes from the client’s spirit as well as the surrounding landscape of the home.

At the early stages of every job, we spend time getting to know our families and how they live so the design will not only be beautiful, but also functional and practical for their specific purposes. We begin every design job by selecting a primary pattern (the “signature piece”) to be used in the living or family room. It can be anything from a pillow, piece of art, or fabric for a pair of chairs. Once we have the perfect initial piece for inspiration, everything else falls into place – this one piece gives us the direction we need to successfully complete the entire project.

With many of our clients’ residences located on the coast throughout the Lowcountry, we often choose materials that complement the natural elements as well as colors that are seen through the windows of the home. When our designs are completed, they tell a story of the family, their home and where they live.

Step One: Inspiration

Choose the inspiration for the main room and, consequently, the house. This inspiration can be anything–a favorite piece of art, a designer scarf, a favorite fabric, a piece of pottery–anything that has colors and the feel you want reflected in your home.

Step Two: Signature Fabric

This is the fabric that is the heart of the design for the primary space, and if doing the whole house the heart of the home.

Step Three: Color Scheme

Choose the color palette for the room/space based on the inspiration piece.

Step Four: Secondary, Tertiary, etc. Fabrics

Choose the other patterns being used in the room based on the signature fabric.

Step Five: Choose the Floor Covering or Rug for the Room

Of course this may be the inspiration for the room, but if not, I always choose this after the other items are chosen as this is the background not the focus of the room.

Step Six: Choose Upholstery, Furnishings, etc.

Choose Upholstery Styles, furnishings, etc.

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