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Renovation with CHD and Watts Builders

CHD Team + Design

Check out this collaboration with one of our interior designers and builder as they create the best end product for home owners. Watch this short video below of our design teams work with Watts Builders.

#TBT to Warm Weather and Porch Days: Designing the Perfect Outdoor Space

Design + Spring

It is no secret that we Southerners relish our time outdoors. And, why wouldn’t we when we have serene water, beautiful trees, and breathtaking weather (90% of the time, that is)?! While the recent #snowmageddon may have had you in a slump, we wanted to remind you that in a few short months, it will […]


Color + Design + Fabrics + Inspiration

It’s Bold. It’s Beautiful. It’s Elegant. And, it is the Pantone Color of the Year – Ultraviolet What could be more regal, than a bold violet?! Nothing. Absolutely nothing. After all, if we are being honest, Prince did wear it well! Lawrence Herbert, the creator of the Pantone Color Matching System, calls ultraviolet the universal […]


Antiques + Design

OLD VERSUS NEW? Why do these two concepts have to be at odds with each other? At CHD Interiors, we feel strongly that the two should be combined! We encourage this unusual union in many of our design projects. Antiques tell a story, and their design has stood the test of time. The layering of […]


Accessories + Design + Style

Have you ever wanted accessories delivered to your doorstep? Well, our designers are here to help! We recently took a trip to Seabrook Island to assemble accessories for a client’s home. Watch us work our magic!

How to Make Your Budget Work in Kitchen & Bath Remodels

Design + Inspiration + Kitchens

BUDGET – For most, it is a word that is hard to say, hard to determine and even harder to stick to! Every client has one, and even the highest of the high-end client who CHD has guided in designing a truly luxury space has a set budget to follow. Budget is important to everyone, […]

Before & After & the Process

Design + Powder Room

So many people forget about their powder room and the importance of making it a welcoming space for guests. Ironically enough, this should be your top priority since guests will likely use this space during their visit. On a recent design job, CHD selected a textured wall covering of navy faux shagreen, accents of metals, […]

Solar Eclipse Lighting


Come visit us in our two showrooms filled with out of this world lighting options. Let the sunshine in with assistance guided by our trained staff of interior designers that have grand visions for interior lamps,rugs,fabrics and accessories. You can even try any of these lovely items to be assured it makes the difference in […]

Pillow Talk

Decor + Fabrics

When it comes to pillows, there are so many different shapes, sizes, patterns, trims and colors to them! They are all around you, in your bedroom, living room, entry way, office space, etc. In most cases, wherever you sit, so does a pillow. That’s why having the right pillow is so important! Pillows are used […]

Functionality Over Formality: The Extinction of the Dining Room

Design + functionality + Kitchens

Functionality Over Formality:  The Extinction of the Dining Room   As open house plans and functionality seem to be at the forefront of new construction and renovations these days, the formal dining room is becoming a thing of the past.  Let’s just be honest – most formal dining rooms are likely used for one or […]

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