Our Antiques from the English Countryside are Here

The CHD Design Team travels to England every year to find one-of-a-kind antiques for our clients and our showroom. These beautiful pieces have finally arrived at our two retail locations! Hand-picked by our expert designers, our antiques make quite an impact in any home and within any design style. Each of these unique pieces has a story that will add character and history to your decor.

Please scroll through all of our new antiques that just arrived from the English countryside below. If you are interested in any of the antiques or have more questions, please reach out to Meg at megan@chdinteriors.com or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page. We have included a reference to the historical timestamp of each piece below the image(s).

2024 Antiques

We found many stunning pieces on our annual antique trip to England last fall, and they’ve finally made their way across the pond! Just a few are pictured below – more are coming soon. For all antique inquiries, please email megan@chdinteriors.com.

2023 Antiques for Sale

Bleached English Server

Circa 1890 (W 61 X D 19.5 X H 45.5) – $3,990

At this time in history, Gustav Eiffel constructed the Eiffel Tower. 

Two-Door, Two-Drawer Fruitwood Buffet

French, Circa 1880 – $2,690

Elementary Education Act enforces school attendance up to the age of ten in England and Wales.

Austrian Bench, Wood, Green

Circa 1880 – $3,290

Elementary Education Act enforces school attendance up to the age of ten in England and Wales.

Wine Caddy

Circa 1890 – $190

At this time in history, Gustav Eiffel constructed the Eiffel Tower. 

French Table, Oak Farm Table w/One Drawer from Burgundy Region

Circa 1850 (W 79 X D 32 X H 30/24.5) – $4,690

At this time in history, Melville wrote MOBY DICK. 

Demi-John/Cognac Bottle

French, Circa 1870 – $225

Every day, the British drink one hundred and sixty-five million cups of tea, which is over twenty times more than the average American. 

Search Light, Headlamp

English, Circa 1910 – $490

The first air flight for the purpose of delivering commercial freight took place in the United States. The flight, made by Wright Brothers pilot Philip Paramalee is between Dayton and Columbus, Ohio. 

Three-Drawer Painted Console Table w/Potboard


On May 17, 1875, in front of an estimated 10,000 people, a field of fifteen three-year-old horses contested the First Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. 

French Oak Worktable

French, Circa 1880 – $3,490 (64w X 16d X 19t)

Clara Barton, inspired by the work of the International Red Cross, established the American Red Cross in Washington, DC.

Oval Cocktail Table

French, Circa 1840 – $2,590
(53w X 40d X 21t)

The 1840s was a decade of the Georgian calendar that began on January 1, 1840, and ended on December 31, 1849. The decade was noted in Europe for featuring the largely unsuccessful Revolutions of 1848, also known as the Springtime of Nations. 

Austrian Shepherd’s Box

Austria, Circa 1860 – $4,990
(31w X 19d X 22t)

The Pony Express mail service used horseback riders in 157 Pony Express relay stations across the prairies, plains, deserts, and mountains of the Western United States to deliver messages between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts in about ten days.  

Copper Fruit Bowl

French, Circa 1920 – $360
(12″ x 4″)

Two events in 1920 kicked off the era of change that Americans experienced. On August 18, the Nineteenth Amendment was passed, giving women the right to vote. And on November 2, the first commercially licensed radio broadcast was heard from KDKA in Pittsburg, PA.

Double Seated String Stool

English, Circa 1900 – $190

The United Kingdom and the United States signed a treaty for the building of a Central American shipping canal across Central America in Nicaragua. 

Scrubbed Top Cocktail Table

English, Circa 1890 – $4,990
(71w X 36d X 20t)

Elementary Education Act enforces school attendance up to the age of ten in England and Wales.

Oak Dresser Base

French, Circa 1870 – $8,990

At this time in history, The National Weather Service issued its first weather forecast on November 1, 1870.

English Console Table, Oak, Turned Legs, Bleached Trestle

English, Circa 1840 – $3,490 (75.5″ w X 28.5″ t X 16″ d)

Shakespeare added around 3,000 words to the English language. 

Octagonal Carved Mahogany Table

English, Circa 1890 – $3,990

(40″ X 29″)

On August 28, 1894, Congress passed the first graduate income tax. The US Supreme Court declares the “direct tax” unconstitutional the following year. 

Round Country Table, Oak
Very Early Table Wonderfully Worn & Bleached

English, Circa 1760 – $1,990

The Seven Years’ War, which took place between 1736-1763, was a global conflict that spanned five continents, though it was known in America as the “French & Indian War.”

Green Settle

Austria, Circa 1870 – $3,290
(55 X 19 X 36)

The cardboard box that we recognize today was created by accident in the 1870s by an American named Robert Gair. Mr. Gair was making paper bags in his shop when he accidentally cut a paper box where it was only meant to be creased. 

French Oak Enfilade, Bleached Shelving Inside

French, Circa 1830 – $6,990 (60w X 20d X 42.6h)

A group of Texan volunteers had taken San Antonio from the Mexicans in December of 1835. Despite being told that the position was untenable in the longer term, the volunteers chose to stay. 

Green Planting Bench, Pine

English, Circa 1880 – $3,790 (81.5″  X 24″  X 31″ )

Clara Barton, inspired by the work of the International Red Cross, established The American Red Cross in Washington, DC.

White Tureen w/Cover

French, Circa 1895 – $290

Historically, the soup tureen was born in France as a dining centerpiece often used for soups, broths, and other warm delicacies. This is often why most tureens have handles, so as to not burn hands while passing it around the dining table. 

Old Marriage Chest, Coffee Table

Austrian, Circa 1850 – $3,190

The sewing machine was invented by Austrian Josef Madersperger. 

Beautiful Rustic Patina

French, Circa 1870 – $3,990 (36.5 X 21.5 X 40)

60 years after the Tin Can is invented, William Lions of Connecticut invented an efficient can opener. 

Faux Bamboo Desk

English, Circa 1820 – $3,990 (36.5w X 19d X 31t)

The Revolutions of 1820 were a revolutionary wave in Europe that took place in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece. 

Bleached Oak Trestle Table

English, Circa 1870 – $3,190 (65w X 15.5d)

Congress adopted the 15th Amendment; the Fifteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits each government in the United States from denying a citizen the right to vote based on that citizen’s race, color, or previous condition of servitude. 

Glass Jug

French, Circa 1880 – $325 (18″ X 15″)

The Washington Monument was dedicated in 1885 and is a granite monument that was made as a tribute to George Washington. 

Galvanized Jug

French, Circa 1910 – $175

Usually made from tin, these cans range in size and have a variety of different labels. While there’s no exact art to dating old milk can, you can estimate its age by looking for a printed brand, ingredient, and copyright information on the can. 

Platter, Blue & White

English, Circa 1800 – $350 

Starting in the 1800s, Home cooks have access to items such as peelers, graters, and mincers, changing the appearance and textures of homecooked meals for the foreseeable future.

Small Brass Daubiere

French, Circa 1790 – $690 (10″ X 6″ X 7″)

Daubiere’s were used for cooking meat. Water was poured on top of the lid to keep cooking the meat until tender and juicy. 

Cherry & Oak Work Table

French, Circa 1870 – $4,490 (46″ l X 20″ dp X 31.5″ h)

The crew from the Dei Gratia, a small British brig, spot the Mary Celeste, a brigantine merchant ship at full sail near the Azores Islands in the Atlantic Ocean; the ship was seaworthy, its stores and supplies were untouched, the personal belongings of passengers and crew were still in place, including valuables but not a soul was on board. 

Beech & Oak Work Bench

French, Circa 1870 – $3,990 (83″ X 18.5″ X 32″)

British Colombia becomes part of Canada. On having been seen by Captain Cook in his look for the northwest passage, the area was most commonly used by fur traders. 

European Settle

Europe, Circa 1880 – $3,990 (79″w X 37″t X 21″d)

Elementary Education Act enforces school attendance up to the age of ten in England and Wales. 

Round Composite Garden Planter

English, Circa 1890 – $490 (13″d X 10″t)

Every day, the British drink 165 million cups of tea, which is over 20 times more than the average American. 

Cherub Composite Planter

English, Circa 1890 – $750 each (15″ X 14″)

The University of Oxford is the oldest higher education institution in the whole United Kingdom. Until 1877, lecturers at this university were not allowed to get married. 

Oral Vendage Table

English, Circa 1870 – $5,990 (58X43X30)

The Albert Hall is in London’s South Kensington and was completed in 1871. It had been built in commemoration of Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert.   

Chest of Drawers

Circa 1890 – $2,990 (39X18X39)

Battersea Bridge over the River Thames opened in London in July 1890. 

Folding Coat Rack

English, Circa 1880 – $290

The French people funded the Statue of Liberty. Shipped in 1885 and placed on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. 

Rectangle Composite Garden Planter

English, Circa 1890 – $1,290 (47X14X12)

Carnegie Hall opened in New York City. 

Antique Box w/Ship Inscribed on Inside

Custom Iron Base & Glass Added

Circa 1870 – $3,590 (W42 X D26 X H38)

The National Weather Service issues its first weather forecast on November 1, 1870. 

Shepard’s Chest

Custom iron & glass added

Circa 1890 – $2,990 (W 46 X D 23 X H 35)

At this time in history, Father’s Day is celebrated for the first time in Spokane, Washington. 

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