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Serene Design Transformation in Charleston, South Carolina

The CHD design team immersed themselves in the transformation process of this Charleston, South Carolina home. Moving from the mountains to a more coastal, Lowcountry living area, the client wanted to incorporate a new style that aligns directly with ...

2024-07-02T16:33:52+00:00May 3, 2024|

Bringing Retro Charm into Modern Coastal Interiors

The allure of vintage charm never fades. Retro aesthetics have seen a resurgence in recent years, with homeowners and designers embracing the nostalgia of bygone eras and infusing modern interiors with timeless appeal. Combined with the relaxed elegance of coastal ...

2024-07-16T17:17:22+00:00April 12, 2024|

Embracing Vibrant Hues in Modern Interior Design

Color plays a pivotal role in setting a space's tone, mood, and personality. While neutral tones have long been favored for their timeless appeal and versatility, there is a growing trend toward embracing bold and vibrant hues to infuse energy, ...

2024-07-16T17:20:03+00:00March 18, 2024|

The Evolution of Open Floor Plans

Maximizing Space and Functionality Open floor plans have become increasingly popular in interior design, revolutionizing how we conceptualize and utilize living spaces. What began as a trend has now evolved into a fundamental aspect of modern architecture, reshaping the layout ...

2024-07-16T17:25:11+00:00February 26, 2024|

Mastering Texture and Pattern in Interior Design

In the world of interior design, creating a visually captivating space goes beyond choosing the right furniture and color palette. It involves mastering the art of layering texture and pattern to add depth, dimension, and personality to a room. At ...

2024-07-16T17:29:17+00:00February 9, 2024|

Open Shelving: Displaying Your Treasures in Style

Open shelving is more than just a trend; it's a design element commonly used by interior decorators that can transform your home into a stylish and functional showcase. Whether you're an art collector, a bookworm, or simply looking to add ...

2024-07-16T17:38:12+00:00January 18, 2024|

The Power of Lighting: Illuminating Your Space with Style

When it comes to interior design, lighting is often an unsung hero. It has the remarkable ability to transform a space, set the mood, and enhance the overall aesthetics of your home. The proper lighting not only illuminates your space ...

2024-07-02T16:59:47+00:00December 29, 2023|
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