OLD VERSUS NEW? Why do these two concepts have to be at odds with each other? At CHD Interiors, we feel strongly that the two should be combined! We encourage this unusual union in many of our design projects. Antiques tell a story, and their design has stood the test of time. The layering of different styles and time periods in your home makes it special and individual to you! Variety is the spice of life and is the key to a beautiful and comfortable dwelling.
In the dining rooms shown below, the CHD design team used antique tables and hutches to give these two newly constructed homes an old world feel. Mixing these antiques with the modern comforts of a new home, adds charm and sophistication.


Antique frames found in Europe, on one of our yearly visits, were used in the following image to create a one-of-a-kind art collection. The antique frames are hung around the modern shadowboxed geodes to give the contemporary artwork a feeling of importance. This art collection now seems collected and curated instead of a simple set. In addition, the antique dining table adds to the comfortable elegance of this highly used family space.


CHD Interiors has an excellent reputation for its unique collection of antiques and merchandise. Our design staff is currently overseas in Europe on our annual buying trip in order to bring some of our unique finds home for you! Below are some of our favorite pieces so far, but please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see more of our distinctive treasures!


For some, an antique piece of furniture seems like too big of a commitment. If so, incorporate some antique accessories into your space. An antique plate or vase can be a welcome surprise for your modern interiors. Pictured below are some accessory finds in our recent travels that would fit seamlessly into many interiors.


It is what is… or is it? The design team at CHD Interiors has transformed many of our antique items into unique custom pieces for our clients. Pictured below is an antique door with a custom-made iron base. By adding the iron base and glass top, the door becomes an extraordinary bar table for our client’s newly updated Kitchen.


And if that wasn’t creative enough for you, check out this antique lobster trap that we made into a console table, or the antique buoy we made into a lamp!


As you can tell, we love our antiques! We love the mixing of the past and present and hope to be a part of your future design projects. Please stop by either of our locations to view our unmatched antiques and merchandise. And, stay tuned on Facebook and Instragram for pictures and details on our new antiques and their arrival date!

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