Having trouble filling those empty walls? Art and accessories are the finishing touches that help tell your personalized design story. CHD offers several types of art from original oils, giclees, photography, watercolors, wrapped canvases, and framed intaglios. CHD carries an art vendor that allows each piece of art to be completely custom ranging from size, medium, finish, framing, and orientation view options. A designer is available to help you determine the correct size needed for your space and if it should be a single piece, diptych, tryptic, or a collage of several pieces.


Framed Floating Matte Abstract




Original oils hand selected by designers and custom frame selections

CHD designers will hand select the best original oils at High Point Market and pair them with the perfect finish frame and choose the appropriate scale to be sold in our Mount Pleasant and Murrells Inlet showrooms. The sizes vary and that determines the width of the frames. For a more minimal approach, a floating frame is very popular especially when paired with abstract art. Typically art should be hung at eye level throughout a home. The golden number for this is 57”AFF but can vary depending on wainscot, ceiling, or furniture height within a space. You can follow an easy step by step hanging guide at the bottom of this blog.


Installed Watercolor in champagne frame finish


Abstract Giclee Framed in angled champagne finish

Step by Step Process for Hanging Art
1. Make sure the piece of furniture below the art is placed in the ideal location before hanging.
2. Measure the length of the piece of furniture that will be beneath the art, to determine the center of the art and make a faint mark on the wall
3. Hold the art up on the wall to have either a CHD designer or someone across the space determine the finished height location at eye level or use the 57” measurement above the floor. If it is a art above a piece of furniture it typically needs to be 4-6” above the top of the furniture. Then mark a spot on the outside top of the frame on the wall.
4. From that mark determine the height distance from the top of the frame to the hook mechanism.
5. Remember the number from step 4 and also measure the back of the art to determine the distance between the hanging mechanisms to determine if there are two hooks or just one central hook for hanging height.
6. Measure on the wall from original marked spot on step 3 according to measurements from step 4 & 5.
7. Use appropriate hardware depending on the weight/ stud location etc.
8. Levels are always handy in making sure the piece is straight when viewing.

Keep in mind that CHD has a great install team that can hang our artwork for you, so if you don’t want to take any chances, we will be happy to help!