Design and fashion go hand in hand. They both relate to seasonal changes, product functionality, and trend. Charleston is known for coastal design and Charlotte can be known for nautical design. Charleston coastal design features can include coral, driftwood, sea glass and linens. While Charlotte nautical features can include: velvet, leather, stripes, shiplap, and walnut tones.

Similarly, each design aesthetic is based on their natural resources. For example, color schemes vary from landscape to landscape. Charleston design embraces light color tones that replicate the ocean, natural driftwood found on beaches and light colored sand. Charlotte design embraces richer color tones that replicate Pine trees, red clay and stone.

Let’s also discuss products and how their design qualities vary from region to region. Product textures and upholstery types are complementary to their surrounding area. A shagreen side table, sisal rug, coral sculpture, slipcovered furniture and the use of linen fabrics all represent Charleston décor. A fieldstone fireplace, chunky wool rug, darker stained furniture, nail head detailing and the use of leather and velvet fabrics all represent Charlotte decor. Lucky for your we have designers in both locations ready to help you with your next design project!