Color affects everything about the way we live. We choose the reddest melons at the market, are in awe of the vibrant colorful sunsets, and marvel at the contrast of blues in a Caribbean sea. We are wired to appreciate and gravitate to vivid colors. Whether we choose those colors in the fashions we wear or in our home décor or not, we all respond to color and color excites the senses.

Interestingly, it has often been discussed in the world of fashion and home décor that color in both arenas are good predictors of the direction of the country’s economy. Historically, when we have seen clothing and home décor designs turn more neutral and muted in color, the economy has turned downward and we have experienced weakened growth. In contrast, bright colors in home and personal fashion signal an optimistic outlook that has most often been reflected in upbeat financial markets and improving incomes for families.

So, it should make us all happy that the Pantone colors of the year are showing a bright pallet of colors. The colors are clear colors which means they are not softened with the addition of browns or blacks in the color pigments. Happily, that would mean the country is in for good economic times and that the signals suggest an improving lifestyle for all.

Colors of the year are shown below:


The new Designer Guild linen line shows these new pallets well:


These colors are interpreted well in the new fabrics this season in watery transitional design:

image (3)
image (4)

Beautiful striking colors can be used in small ways in a room to give a space new direction and pop.

image (2)

Whether you like lots of color or like it in small doses, there is no denying that color is beautiful to behold. And, if history repeats itself as it is apt to do, we are in for brighter fabrics and brighter days ahead this year and in the future. I am sure everyone would agree that is a good thing.