An area rug grounds a room and can serve as the foundation for the pattern and color palette in a room.  It can also be the first selection made in a space.  The rug can either be loud in pattern and color or subtle in texture and tone.  Regardless of the style, color, or pattern, the placement of furniture on top of the rug and the scale of the rug are key to a successful design.

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Rugs can be used in any room as long as there is a solid surface beneath it.  An exception might be the layering of either an oriental or cow hide on top of a natural seagrass area rug (shown above).  This can enhance both texture and warmth to in space.

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When measuring for your area rug, be sure your furniture is placed exactly how you would like for it to function (shown above).  For example, dining or office task chairs should be able to slide out nicely without being half on and half off the rug. A bedroom rug should be evenly spaced beneath a bed allowing the nightstands to either be on or off the rug, alleviating the table from having a slight slope in elevation.  A living room rug should encompass the entire space allowing either all of the feet of the furniture on the rug or just the front two feet of each piece.  This keeps the balance and scale proportionate since a rug serves as the canvas for the artful furniture pieces.

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Area rugs come in several sizes depending on the manufacturer.  When budget is a factor, we recommend you select a standard pre-made size which is generally one of the following sizes (depending on the company): 2×3, 5×8, 8×10, 9×12, 10×14.  However, other rug companies specialize in custom sizes allowing for bound area rugs or surged-edged carpet to create an a neutral area rug (shown above). CHD Interiors sells a lot of custom sisal rugs that allow mitered edges with 1.5” banding in a selection of colors.  The 1.5” banding allows the overall design of the rug to be the focal point as opposed to the tape banding (see below).  Natural sisal rugs are recommended to have a fiber seal which increases its durability.

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Having the right rug for any room can make or break the space.  Something too small can look silly, and something too big can make a room look smaller than it is or underfurnished.  Use our little tips above to make sure you get it right, and remember, we are always here to help at CHD!