The best design you’ll ever see can be found in nature. It is a great source of inspiration and a tried and true sense of color and what shades work together. On a recent trip, I found a few flowers that reminded me so evidently of the Designer Showhouse we at CHD put together in Charleston recently. Can you see the colors of nature pulled out in the room?

Blog Photo 1

Not only is nature a source of constant inspiration, but she begs to be brought inside the home to breathe life into our spaces. When you look at a room that feels so inviting, you usually notice touches of green, as this is vibrant color enhances a cozy and natural feel. That element of freshness and newness gives a sense of vitality to a space like nothing else can.

Blog Photo 2

You don’t have to have a green thumb to accomplish adapting nature into your home. Well arranged, fresh bouquets are always lovely, but there are also a few plants that work well in any space and require very little attention. Here are some of our favorite ideas.

Succulents (only water occasionally)


Orchids (and these perfume the room nicely)

Orchid Example

Faux flowers or greenery (We carry these at CHD, and they are a great way to invoke the same feelings as their authentic counterparts)

Choose whatever rooms you find yourself in the most (i.e. living room, kitchen and master bedroom), and find a spot that could be enhanced. And then, “GREEN” it up! If you need some help, our team at CHD would love to come out and help you bring in the green.