Warm and Comforting Style

A cottage style home has an inviting combination of warmth and intimacy, an environment that welcomes all guests in to spend time together in comfort. The rooms in a cottage style home feel airy and intimate at the same time and entice people to cozy up together to visit. We at CHD have provided some helpful tips to help you design a cottage style home of your own.







Cozy Cottage Finishes

Colorful weathered paint and stained wood are great choices when designing your cottage-style home. These also provide a casual feel and are incredibly livable, allowing some wear over time to actually enhance the look. The use of white and light wood also provide warmth and create a neutral feel that allows you to add pops of colors in rug choices, lighting and painted furniture.







Exposed Wood beams and Handsome Wood Flooring Enhance the Cottage Look

In contrast to the light walls commonly used in cottage-style homes, exposed wood beams and dark wood flooring add depth and enhance a cottage- style home. If your prefer a little pop of color, painted wood is another option you can achieve by painting beams, flooring or trim in a contrasting color to walls.



Planked Walls and Ceilings Add Some Depth

Horizontal and vertical planked walls and ceilings provide a unique look for this style of home, while also wearing well in years to come. You can stain or paint the planks to attain your desired tone or leave the woods as is to preserve the wood’s natural grain.


Antique Details

Unique vintage or antique pieces look great in a cottage style home and add a sense of history and individuality. Using antique wood doors is a great touch. At CHD, we have used antique doors to create a one-of-kind headboard or as a wall mount in a hall bath. Using an old carving block as a console, a ladder as a blanket hanger or old carriage lanterns for hall lighting are also original ideas that will wow your guests.




Let Us Help You Achieve the Look

These are just a few of many quick tricks to make your home cozy and elegant, while achieving that cottage style. Come in to CHD Interiors in our Murrells Inlet or Mt. Pleasant location, and let one our designers help you get your home cottage-chic.