Although famous for our “Low Country Chic “ influence, CHD Interiors has completed projects with  a wide variety of  design styles . In all of these spaces,  our clients have requested the common goal of maximizing space.  No matter what your preferred interior style or design prefrence, the desire to maximize space is a common thread of concern. With the help of our experienced design staff, CHD Interiors can improve your home’s spacial deficiencies.  The best and preferred plan of attack would be reviewing your house plan at the pre-construction level. But with the help of  our skilled subcontractors, it is never to late to improve the function of your home.

In our past blogs, we have discussed the repurposing of your under utilized bonus rooms to capture more usable, functioning  space. But what if you do not have a bonus room to reclaim?  A  space often overlooked that can add much desired purpose to a guest bedroom is the closet. The guest bedroom closet is frequently full of items that could easily be stored in another room or attic. That closet is most likely full of the things that we need to purge anyways! Try thinking of that closet as just another part of the room.  With the closet doors removed and some creative use of  built ins, you can have a  surprisingly functional home office. Our professional carpenters can transform that small, mudane nook to an area  that serves a greater purpose.


Your  secondary entry can also  be  neglected and cluttered. By adding much needed storage (and without using very much square footage) a mud room can be created. This narrow built-in provides solutions while hiding all the daily necessities of an active family.


Many times people look at the wall  space under or near windows as useless, unusable gaps. As a solution, some simple construction  may be in order. With  some  innovative rearranging of your existing furniture and the addition of  some built-ins, this area can be given  a new life.

In the picture below, this corner window has a plethora of storage solutions. The drawers and additional shelving masks a typical eyesore and creates an aesthetically pleasing space.


Don’t let an odd shaped window deter your creativity. This window seat uses the oval shaped window as inspiration for the curved bench. The goal of these space solutions is to look like they were always part of your home’s plan and not an after thought. So, use all of your home’s architecture as a guide.


This clever use of   space adds an extra bed for sleeping! This comfortable nook can be added to a current bedroom for additional guests. It’s perfect for adult children and grandchildren that visit often  or would  be a  valuable addition to  a rental property to provide a  greater  amount of  sleeping quarters.


His and Her vanities are one of the most desired features in a master suite. In many cases, when space is an issue,  there is not free wall space that is long enough to accommodate such a large vanity. In this home, the back-to-back vanities and floating mirror achieve this need and also provides a unique design feature.


If having a contractor come into your home is not an option, there are other non-invasive solutions. Loft beds are a great way to free up some much need square footage. By elevating the bed, to an overhead height, you are now able to use the space underneath for daily activities such as a play area for a kids bedroom or a home office.


This last suggestion, although it may seem obvious, is a great way to create storage and extra seating. This furniture piece can easily fit into any style or décor.


If you are interested in creating any of the above looks, or would like personal suggestions on how to maximize storage in your space, the design team at CHD would love to help!