Many people are stumped when it comes to accessorizing shelves. If you are one of them, you are not alone! Here are a few tips on artfully arranging that will take all of the trepidation out of what can otherwise be a daunting task.


First, empty the shelves, or shelf and start with a clean slate.  As you are clearing off the space, group like items together –i.e. books, trinkets and frames – and put them together in piles to “shop” from.  When accessorizing, keep in mind that decorative items look better in a collection – more than one of an item is visually more pleasing to the eye they moves from shelf to shelf.


As you begin to place items back on the shelf, alternate placement, i.e. do not put all of the books on the same sides of the shelves. Stagger the arrangement. Place books first, anchored with other books, or some really great bookends. Then, place frames so the heights balance each other out. Taller frames should be placed toward the back and smaller ones in the front. Also, space out the “weightier” ones so they are evenly dispersed amongst the shelves.

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Finally, add your own touch with trinkets scattered about.  Special items of importance from travels or vacation destinations make great finishing touches.  Place a stack of books on its side with a great piece of coral on top and the books act as a pedestal for your personal found treasure! Voila – you have a beautiful and artfully arranged vignette.


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