Is your bed considered to be “heavenly”? If you immediately answered, “No,” then what are you waiting for? CHD can help you select the most luxurious bedding ingredients to make you sleep soundly night after night. The first ingredient is the bed itself. There are several bed type options such as sleigh, canopy, wrought iron, platform, day, upholstered headboard, and rice beds, to name a few. Or you can choose a more contemporary look and opt to upholster an entire wall to truly bring impact to your space (pictured below).


The next ingredient is the sheets. CHD carries deliciously soft viscose bamboo sheets that are machine-washable. We even carry machine-washable coverlets that are ideal for children – human or furry friends alike! The sizes of back pillows (Euro or Standard shams) are dependent on the height of the headboard specified, and the quantities vary based upon the size of the bed itself.


There are several pillow combinations for making a bed. CHD designers can help you determine the right combination for your headboard shape and style. For texture, pattern, and color, CHD has limitless options for fabric, as well as for all the small details such as pillow cording, flange design, and tassels. Forget the scene from Along Came Polly – every bed needs its adornments!


Adding touches of faux fur is a great way to add another layer to make your bedroom feel dream-like. It will add a touch of elegance and luxuriousness to your room. After all, your bedroom should be your sanctuary, not just a place to plop your head at night. Your bedroom is still an important room, whether it is seen by guests or just you! So, get creative, treat yourself to a gourmet experience, and make it a true masterpiece!