Interior design is all about pushing scale, color, pattern and lighting to the edge.  It is important to remember that design is a form of art; a way to express your and your clients’ vision and personality.  There are several vendors that offer wallcoverings, textiles and rugs in the same or coordinating patterns.  This repetition of similar patterns on different pieces of furniture and adornments creates a playful, honed, and interesting space.  


The repetition of fabrics and patterns within the same space can help coordinate a cohesive design concept. For example, open floorplans can often be difficult to design, because the space needs to be both separate and blended. Adding a variety of coordinating textures and patterns can help reign in the area.


Bold patterns are also a great way to add playful dimension to a neutral space. If you tend to be intimidated by committing to a specific color pallet, pillows and wallcoverings are an excellent way to have the flexibility to change out a space, whenever the season or mood may strike you! Another creative and inexpensive way to add playfulness to a room is to add wallpaper to the back of a bookcase or built-ins. This creates an interesting and eye-catching statement that is easy to implement.


When it comes to designing your home, the key is to just go for it! Your home is meant to be an expression of yourself – a place to enjoy and create memories in a blissful and comforting environment. Design your home for you and your family—not just for the company that comes four times a year! An authentic, beautiful, playful, and lived-in home will have the ambiance and charm that will make you never want to leave.