Coral: The New Neutral

Exciting news broke earlier this month as the official color of the year for 2019 was released. The color is Coral; which, when employed in a space provides an eye-catching pop that is lively and yet, still warm and familiar enough for a practical application.







The color of the year is a pivotal factor for the global design community. Whether textiles, fashion, or interiors color trends guide the direction of design. The color of the year is a way for the design community to get excited and inspired for upcoming projects in the New Year. Coral is a versatile hue which provides a brightness that emotes energy yet still embodies soft, familiar undertones.

This color is a classic that has the potential to serve as a neutral. The color has used to compliment navy, grey, and metal tones alike. Coral will also undoubtedly prompt inspiration to be taken from its natural display in the sea. Its wide range of pairings, natural energy, and warmth make this color an ideal option to incorporate into your next project!

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