Pauline (Pollye) Swaim Griffith
March 2, 1934 – March 7, 2020

CHD Interiors and the Griffith family are very sad to announce that our matriarch and co-founder of CHD Interiors, Pauline (Pollye) Swaim Griffith, has passed away. She passed peacefully on Saturday, March 7. We will continue to be inspired by her beautiful, fun-loving soul and the joy she brought to our lives. She loved spending time with her family more than anything in the world. In 1977, Pollye and Lance founded CHD Interiors and her values, traditions, and principles remain the foundation of everything we do as a family and as a company.

Pollye was the matriarch of the Griffith family. Those who knew Pollye know that her family was the most important thing in her life. They also knew not to challenge her to name the world capitals … she knew every single one.

Smart as a whip, Pollye never missed a day of school and made straight A’s throughout her life. When she was in high school she loved playing basketball and was quite good. As she got older, she turned her attention to golf but despite her usual enthusiasm and many hours on the course, she was less successful ;). She was an excellent bridge player, playing twice a week right up until the week she passed and proudly cranked out needlepoint and opinions en masse.

In 1977, she and her son Lance founded CHD Interiors on the philosophy that your home should be a reflection of your personality. Pollye was sassy, outspoken, and had a love of life that transferred to her design style and love of all things interior design. Her colorful personality was evident in her design of spaces as she loved using bold colors that made a room interesting and energetic. There was never enough color for Pollye and she did not shy away from bold colors, mixed textures, and beautiful patterns. She had an unmatched ability to incorporate various patterns and colors into a room to complete a breathtaking statement space. Her design projects were cheerful and reflected her joyful and spunky personality. Even after she retired, she loved coming into CHD to give her input on design projects and spent hours tutoring her granddaughter on how to make selections and do interior design calculations. Her design abilities flowed over into her impeccable fashion sense and she was dressed to the nines with a perfectly coordinated outfit until her last day with us.

During her rich life, she was able to travel the world with her husband Spencer and take her grandchildren on dozens of trips. She also made sure that her family was well cared for, hosting legendary family feasts and providing a loving home-base for all to regroup and recharge. Her grandchildren recount stories of the sassy, spunky grandmother who rocked a hot pink Cadillac, painted their faces and nails, always had a full drawer of Fruit Roll-Ups, and would whip up a killer chipped beef on demand. She was tough and tenacious but her gentle, soft hands were always there to apply the bandages and make it all better.

Pollye was a wife, a sister, a mother, a grandmother, a great-grandmother, and a friend to all. She was an ever-present support for her family and friends. She would want people not to ask how she died, but to ask how she lived and smile because she was here.

Memorials may be sent to Children’s Recovery Center, 1801 Legion Street, Myrtle Beach, SC. 29577.

Please enjoy the collage of pictures below of Pollye and her family:

We will always love you!