One of the most common struggles we see here at CHD is clients struggling to define their style. Many times the look that people try to attain or desire will encompass many different stylist genres. In this post, we will list a few design topics to try to help you decide which category you may fall in and show you ways that you can achieve two looks at once.


In this look, you are easily achieving both a contemporary and traditional feel at the same time. The colorless pallet of the transitional style creates a cool, modern, and sleek environment. This is balanced by the warm textures and wood tones that may appeal to those seeking a more traditional feel.



The coastal look is in high demand for the majority of clientele that CHD serves. Its obvious how this style earns its name, but it is a good demonstration of how we can help you incorporate beach and nautical themed pieces to create a comfortable, yet not tacky, look.



Below is a perfect example of a way to merge two design styles to achieve one look. This particular client wanted her beach home to have a coastal feel, while still maintaining the qualities of a transitional house. In order to do this, the designers at CHD used subtle hues of aqua and sand to bring in coastal colors but kept them muted so that the house hadthe colorless nature of the transitional style.


In this post, we only covered three of the many design styles that you may wish to achieve in your home. Our goal is to show you that there are no limitations when it comes to design! The professional team here at CHD can help you turn your interior design dreams into a reality by meeting each of your desires and including all of your stylistic needs into one space!