Thanks for your offer to help me solve my design dilemma! My kitchen (far right) flows into the dining room which then opens into the sun room (far left). My dilemma is what to do with the dining room wall that has as the windows. I currently have 2 DR chairs placed in the corners but they don’t have to stay there. I would love to add a piece of furniture where the small painting is but it has to be rather narrow (wall is 36″ wide). And, I don’t know what to do below the windows – this is a very challenging space for me….. I welcome your ideas and suggestions!!

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We are happy to help. Without reservation, I think the best solution for this space would be to add decorative side panels to the window. I understand why you feel it looks barren or incomplete, and I think some pretty side panels would add color, pattern and dimension to this wall and soften the space. Because you have the built-in cabinets on the right side, I fear more furniture would make that side of the room feel heavily weighted down.

Decorative side panels would add color to the sides of the window and make a statement in that space without making it appear cluttered or too busy. They would also solve your dilemma of feeling like the space below the window is bare. Furthermore, the beauty of adding decorative side panels as opposed to furniture is that you could still pull your extra dining chairs in front of them if needed. I hope that helps!

Have a wonderful day!

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