We have all watched movies that have homes that have inspired us. The décor of the homes of

our favorite characters have made us wish we could live in a house designed for stardom. CHD

Interiors has chosen some of our personal favorite movie sets that have inspired us, and we have

provided some helpful tips to help enhance your home and make a unique statement about who

you are and the place you call home.

Living Room from “Something’s Gotta Give”: This Hampton-inspired beach house provides a warm and beachy, yet elegant feel by using a neutral palate with small pops of color. Dark stained wood flooring paired with white painted walls provides sophistication, while capturing the natural, nature inspired colors used in this room. Pairing the neutral walls with lightly colored fabrics and adding pops of color with furniture, artwork and lighting adds the perfect balance of color and entices company to come and relax. In addition, you can bring in fresh flowers or greenery to add more natural tones with fresh, saturated colors


Family Area from “This is Forty”: These rust colored draperies, throw, and geometric throw pillows add a pop of color to this transitional sitting area. Utilizing a more neutral paint color on the walls and furniture, allows for more freedom when choosing window treatments and accent pieces, such as fun geometric throw pillows and a boldly colored accent chest. Using a more neutral palate and accenting with more saturated colors, also provides a more cost efficient way to switch the color scheme at a later time, if desired. Using a fun colored throw draped over chairs or a sofa, also ties in your color choices

movie 2

Living Room from “It’s Complicated”: These rooms utilize color in a fun, inventive way and really brighten up the room. Using earth tones, such as blue, white, green, orange and yellow warms up the room and provides a bold feel while not over-using color.

movie 3

Kitchen from “The Vow”: Pine wood on the counter tops and painted cabinets accessorized with colored dishes, bowls and lighting enhance this room. A fun-colored backsplash also ties your color palate together. In addition, an industrial style table or and antique statement piece, is a cool choice for an island. Adding fun stools at the island also provides seating for your guests and provides a more social atmosphere for your serving area.

movie 4

Great Room and Living Room from “The Holiday”: Painted walls with neutral, exposed wood beams make a unique statement and have a classic, sophisticated look. Light, exposed wood with metal lanterns and a soft neutral palate for walls provides a light, airy feel for your space. Contrasting colored or metal chandeliers add depth and dimension to the space. Again, bringing in greenery or flowers and colored, abstract artwork provides warmth to a cool, transitional space.

movie 5
movie 6

Kitchen from “As Good as It Gets” and Kitchen from It’s Complicated: Make the best use of your kitchen space by maximizing your counter space and configurating your kitchen to accommodate your cooking and hosting needs. A center island, with extra sink space can provide a unique focal point for your kitchen. Neutral and understated window treatments allow the focal point to be on the center of your room. Using neutral cabinets with a more bold countertop, such as dark granite, or metal pendant lighting also helps draw the eye toward the middle of your room and provides a communal feel. Utilizing a cool pot-rack is also a fun way to showcase your pots and pans.

movie 7
movie 8

Enjoy these fun tips and enjoy making your home fit for a celebrity. If you need any extra tips, one of our designers at CHD Interiors would love to come and help make your home picture perfect.