• Acrylic, also known as Lucite, was first developed in the 1930’s and is commonly associated with the Hollywood Regency Glam design era. However, 80 years later, this extremely versatile material still provides quality and sophistication to any interior.
  • The transparency of acrylic furniture takes up little to no visual weight, allowing balance and function to any style of design. Let’s say you have a fabulous rug with lots of pattern, textured walls, and window coverings made of bold beautiful fabrics. An acrylic coffee table would be the perfect supporting piece, allowing the other design elements in the room to shine.
Acrylic 1
  • Maximize your space by using acrylic furniture. Condo living is perfect for showcasing an acrylic console table, barstools, or desk by giving the illusion that your space is much larger with the sleek look and airy feel of acrylic. You can u se a large and bulky piece while maintaining the functionality of your home without feeling over crowded.
Acrylic 2
Acrylic 3
Acrylic 4

With new technology, acrylic can be used in many surprising and unexpected ways. As seen at the April Highpoint market, a new trend we noticed was acrylic used to enhance artwork. This was done in multiple ways; one showroom contained beautiful objects shadowboxed in acrylic. These objects were not one dimensional, but were instead a 3-D sculpture. Another showroom we visited displayed an artist’s trademark image, which was printed on acrylic. The beach scene image chosen illustrates how acrylic can fit into any design style.

Acrylic 5

One surprising and interesting acrylic discovery at market was acrylic antlers/horns! Some people appreciate the beauty of wildlife, but would prefer to add a pair of these chic art pieces to their space instead of the “real deal” antlers/horns. With this new and unique product, they can have the best of both worlds!

Acrylic 6
Acrylic 7