I am in the process of redesigning my feature wall in our open concept living room beach house.

I have changed my aesthetic and decided I would like to be as minimalist as possible.

Many on Houzz recommended I put stack stone to the ceiling. Not my taste!

I have ordered a new refractory kit and black doors to replace the brass and update the look. I wanted to eliminate the hearth but unfortunately if it’s wood burning fireplace its code that it must remain!

I am in such indecision that I need some help!


While the stacked stone look can be very pretty in the right room, I do believe it is best in a larger room that is more open and with taller ceilings.  I agree with you that, in your space, it may be too much. I also believe it has a more “mountainy” than “beachy” feel.

There are so many great contemporary fireplace options these, so you are in luck on that front. Why don’t you do something minimalist and sleek such as smooth stone option? Or an interesting more monochromatic coral stone or tabby? Something like that would give you enough depth and dimension to stand out from the rest of the surrounding walls without being to heavy or busy. Here are some examples of what I am suggesting:

Example 1:  Sheets of Travertine have a sleek, contemporary appearance.


Example 2: Coral Stone is a beautiful surface that has great texture and can be made more contemporary with its surroundings.

unnamed (2)

Example 3: Tabby is also a great option for a coastal area. While this tabby fireplace pictured below is more rustic due to the rustic wood mantle, a sleek hearth and mantle could give it a fabulous contemporary flair!

unnamed (3)

Happy decorating!

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