At times, starting an interior design project can seem quite overwhelming. Sometimes, you just do not know where to start, or even worse, what the end result should look like. That is where the CHD team comes in to save the day. The designers at CHD Interiors each have their own unique way of drawing inspiration, which translates into a beautiful flow throughout your home. Here are a few insider tips on how the CHD designers begin the brainstorming process.

One great method to draw inspiration is to start with a focal fabric. A home’s entire color palette can be pulled from just one fabric. Just because your inspirational fabric may be bold or vibrant in choice, it does not mean your entire house has to reflect those exact same colors. That said, for your house to flow, it does need to be within the same shades and tones. Sometimes this can be difficult for the untrained eye to visualize. We often use these inspirational fabrics as our muse. For example, below, we have selected a bold and bright floral fabric as our inspirational piece. This fabric, although very bold and possibly perceived as intimidating by itself, does not have to have coordinating fabrics and pieces as intense in color. You can pair this fabric with hues and shades that are a bit softer, and still achieve your desired look as shown below.

Muse 1
Muse 2

Another unique way to find inspiration for your design is to use a signature wallpaper. A daring print or pattern can be used in a sparing way and pack quite a punch in any space. For example, the lively floral pattern pictured below is from a small powder room. This wallpaper, which encompasses our client’s favorite coral color, established the color palette throughout the entire home.

Muse 3
Muse 4

Artwork is another fantastic way to find inspiration for the design direction of your home. By keeping everything else in your space neutral, your artwork can be the pop of color that serves as the focal point in your room. The artwork below, available at CHD Interiors for purchase, has helped to add an energetic feel to this small vignette. The subject matter of the artwork can be personal and anything that speaks to you. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone!

Muse 5
Muse 6

Everything pictured above is available at our Murrells Inlet store. For more interior design tips and ideas , please contact the CHD Interiors design team and we will assist you in your design needs.