Perhaps you are wondering how to design your dream kitchen, while finding the perfect balance between function and fashion. At CHD Interiors, we can help you design a kitchen layout that enables you to create a beautiful kitchen while providing all the amenities to make your cooking experience convenient and accessible.



Hidden Utensil Drawers: If you are tired of the clutter of a typical utensil tray, a built-in utensil drawer with dividers is a great option. This built-in style allows you to place your silverware in easily, while conserving space. You also can choose from a vertical or horizontal placement design that best accommodates your needs.






Cooking Utensil Storage Drawer: Another convenient storage space to have is a pull-out cooking utensil drawer located close to your stovetop or oven. It is convenient to have spatulas, mixing spoons and other cooking utensils convenient to grab by your cooking area and helps decrease clutter in drawers.




A pull out knife block also helps conserve counter space and also keeps your cutlery organized. We particularly like this narrow drawer beside the stovetop or butcher block, as it consolidates well and is easy to access.




Cabinet and Pantry Storage Areas: Gone are the days of traditional pantry space. Deep pantries or cabinets with traditional shelving can allow excess clutter and hide your favorite items. Pull out pantry draws and pantry door shelving allows for easy viewing and convenient access to your pantry items. Shelving on doors allows you to reach for your favorite condiments, spices and cooking materials, while deep pull-out drawers allow for easy storage of boxed items and plastic containers.






Dinnerware and Pot Storage: As the trend moves away fro m traditional above-counter storage, maximizing storage space below the waist has become a great way to increase storage capacity. Hidden corner drawers now replace dead space and provide a great option to your typical lazy Susan.




Pull out drawers for dinner ware also keep your plates, bowls, and serving platters better organized. Pegged drawers, as featured, also allow for a variety of styles and sizes of plates and give you more flexibility than your typical cabinets.




Pull out drawers in pantry area also provide great storage for serving ware and dinnerware. You can have drawers stacked so you can easily view each layer at the same time, while deciding what to use.




Under counter pot storage helps to organize pots and pot lids, while also preventing having to stack pots inside each other. Pull-out options also provide more accessibility and convenience.




Cleaning Materials that are Convenient to Access are Key: Under sink storage of cleaning materials and easily accessible trashcan drawers provide easy cleanup for your family. Space under sinks frequently goes unused, so these pull-out drawers help utilize this and provide less clutter.




Convenient Spice Racks Provide Easier Access while Cooking: Spice drawers are a more organized, convenient option to your traditional spice rack. Again, you can choose vertical or horizontal orientation to best accommodate your needs.






Kitchen Office Organization Space: Many working parents like to use their kitchen as a workspace without taking up too much room. These convenient office/electronics storage drawers provide you storage space for working materials without having to invest in a full desk area for your kitchen.






Hidden Appliance Storage: Concealed microwaves and microwave drawers are great options for concealing your microwave and conserving counter and cabinet space. Drawers for mixers, blenders and other appliances also conceal items that would otherwise clutter counter space and distract from the aesthetics of your kitchen.




These are just a few design tricks to help spice up your kitchen and maximize your working area. Let our CHD design team help you whip up a kitchen designed for maximum potential.