Harvest Styling (Tips & Tricks to Fall Styling: Color Palette and Trend Alert)

As summer fades into fall, the harvest of the crops that were planted in early spring and summer are ready to be enjoyed, something which has been celebrated for centuries. Use the fall harvest as inspiration and follow our guide to create a warm, seasonal ambiance for your family and friends.


Color | Consider colors found in nature such as rust, gold, and coal. Use taupe, navy, or burnt tangerine as a slightly darker neutral to ground the space and create a cozy atmosphere.
Decor | Tabletop decor is a great way to subtly incorporate these colors—through vases, decorative bowls, candles, or even florals and greenery. Our local dunes are thriving with pampas and wheat stalks, with their delicate, golden form. Arrange an armful of tall stalks into a vase, cropping the ends and fluffing the tops, and display a glorious autumnal bouquet that will last well into the season.


Get out your dough bowls and fill them with the things that inspire you most during this season. Whether it be pumpkins, burlap bows, apple cinnamon scented candles, willow balls, faux deer sheds, mini Indian corn, or leaves made from old book pages, curate an arrangement that evokes joy for you and your family.


 *If you are looking for a dough bowl, see the ‘get the look’ section below. 

*Bonus points for layering different textures! These timeless fall colors will come alive through texture since the colors are more saturated; the texture will bring more depth to the color and to your home.

Texture | Textiles are a perfect way to incorporate timeless and trendy warm colors into your home. Whether through accent pillows, throws, or even a rug, you can bring in pops of fall colors throughout your space. To the left, you’ll find a few fun fabric combinations that will surely summon the fall spirit.

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