When winter arrives, the need to add warmth and nest are sure to follow. Your desire to create a cozy space can be  accomplished with the addition of a cow hide rug. Hide floor coverings are a great way to add interest in a variety of spaces. Because of their unique shape, hide rugs are perfect for layering on top of other rugs. Layering, as in the image below, creates a collected and well lived in look instead of the expected cookie cutter image. The irregular shape brings an unexpected softness to a variety of room designs. They can also easily fit in small spaces and allow you to create conversation areas in spaces that would typically be useless.






In the Foyer above, the hide rug makes a bold first impression when you enter this home. It adds warmth and interest to a compact area while giving the Foyer a sense of importance.

Is the irregular shape too unsymmetrical for your liking?  A cowhide rug reinvented and constructed in to a square or rectangular design is another option. The more traditional rectangular version can be a substitute for the more natural shape.



These floorcoverings can also be used in unexpected ways to add a unique and charming element to your home.  In the following photographs, hide are crafted into table overlays and throw pillows. By using hides in these alternate ways, you can achieve the look without a full commitment.





The elements of these rugs work as link to bring different design styles together. Hide rugs are a classic, timeless design tool used for many years in all types of room and styles.  A neutral, monochromatic cowhide, works well in a calming, tranquil bedroom. Likewise, a darker or higher contrast rug works as a wonderful statement piece for a room that needs more drama. The individuality of these natural pieces are one of the subtlest and most lasting design choices available. Stenciled cowhide rugs come in a variety of colors and “prints” ranging anywhere from light tan, various shades of gray and whites to deep reds, chocolate browns and black. Other style options include solid, speckled, and spotted designs depending on the owner’s preference. Hide rugs are natural so no two should be alike.

The designers at CHD Interiors have used these unique rugs in a variety of homes and currently have ones to view in our showroom.  If you would like to achieve this classic look, we have them available for purchase.