CHD was invited to participate in the Charleston Symphony Orchestra League’s 2019 Designer Showhouse on Rutledge Avenue in beautiful Charleston. The historic house has been home to only 4 families over the last century since being built in 1903. It was an honor to be able to work in the living room of this Queen Anne Victorian home.

Our design plan was inspired by the architecture of the room. We wanted to highlight the beautiful architectural elements such as the tall ceilings, the fireplace, the alcove created by the bay windows and the french doors leading out to the first-floor piazza.

The first step was deciding on a color palette. Since we wanted to let the architectural elements shine, we opted for a tone on tone palette that complemented the room rather than choosing a palette that competes with it. The colors (gold, silver, and ivory) were inspired by the natural light in the room. We wanted the room to feel bright even in the evening light.

Any time that a tonal palette is used, it is important to add interest through the materials used. The window treatments are linen with velvet trim. They hang from gray painted oversized drapery rods. Facing the French doors is the fireplace and built-in bookcases. We balanced the 2 sides of the room by wallpapering the mantle and backs of the bookshelves in a FABULOUS metal cork wallpaper. Unexpected, but it works! The accent pillows are in our color story and they pop with the use of one out of the box mohair pillow. The chandelier is the perfect combination of vintage-inspired in modern materials.

The last important design decision was the use of antiques and current furnishings. Don’t we all have things we have inherited? Use those pieces! This room has an antique secretary and grandfather clock as well as a bench seat sofa and metal and mirror nesting tables. Think outside the box with your collectibles. We have an antique leather gun box for which we made a custom metal stand and BAM we as a small accent table (no pun intended). Don’t overlook your bookshelves either! Use them to not only house your books and photos but what about all of those mementos and ART? If your shelves are adjustable- mix it up. Make room for that special print you bought on vacation! Hint- if you don’t have enough books for your built-ins or bookshelves- check out your local Habitat for Humanity stores or other second-hand stores. Buy hardcover books and remove the paper sleeves. You’ll typically find pretty fabric bindings.

Take a trip to Charleston and visit the Showhouse! Make a day of it. Charleston will not disappoint! If you visit be sure to take a picture and tag us! We would love to know what you think! #CHDinteriors and the Symphony League #csoldesignerhouse