On all design projects, one of the most important tasks is accessorizing a space to give it a completed and polished look. All too often, we have clients spend tons of money on the staples (think furniture, window treatments, and rugs) and skimp at the end to save some money. It is so unfortunate to see this happen, as those final details can be what make your space come together! Don’t do it!! Trust us when we say it is worth the extra time and money to accomplish a finished look. And, it CAN absolutely be done in a tasteful way and on a budget.

One of the most challenging spaces to accessorize is your mantle. We have clients struggle with this time and time again. But, we can help! The mantle is perhaps one of the most important spaces to make beautiful, as it should be the focal point of your room.

So, you have a flat screen over your mantle? No problem! Flank the sides of it with beautiful vases and greenery.

blog 1

Or, try decorative glass or wood finials.

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Just remember that you want something of the appropriate height and width for the space. Make certain you do not use ALL of the space remaining on the sides of your television and whatever you are using does not extend past the height of your television.

If you do not have a huge television and you must incorporate into the scheme, the sky is the limit! But, here are a few ground rules to keep in mind.

1. Use accessories with a “rhythm of heights” to keep it interesting.

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2. Make sure you use accessories that are appropriate in scale and proportion. For example, because the vases and florals on this mantle are oversized, something smaller in the center is necessary.

blog 4

3. Keep it interesting! It is always fun to mix greenery, glass, and mirroring to make your space more engaging.

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4. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. These antique frames create a lovely centerpiece for this mantle in a “we just tossed them up there” kin of way.

blog 6

The wonderful thing about any mantle is that you can change it up and add to it all the time. And, if accessorizing your mantle seems like a daunting challenge, our CHD Team is here to help!