Believe it or not, when we propose using wallpaper in a client’s home, many times we get the question, “isn’t that a thing of the past?” Or, “I don’t want my house to look like my grandmother’s powder room.” And even, “while I loved the Brady Bunch, I do not care to live in a house of wall to wall grasscloth.” BUT, in the past couple of years, wallpaper has made a HUGE comeback in a lovely and fashionable way. When done correctly, wallpaper can make a perfect statement wall, powder room, or an intriguing backdrop for built-ins.

So, where are the top three best places to make an impact with wallpaper in a stylish and updated fashion?

1. Powder room: There are several great reasons to use wallpaper in a powder room. First, you typically do not have a lot of other things to compete with the color and pattern in your powder room. In fact, properly selected wallpaper can make more of a statement in your powder room than anything else in that tiny space. Second, powder rooms are generally smaller in size so you can get away with the busy and colorful pop that wallpaper lends to the space. It is much easier on the eyes to tolerate a lot of color and/or pattern on the walls in a smaller space as opposed to a larger space. Third, and perhaps most importantly, most all of your guests will likely see your powder room at some point, so make it a cool space for them to admire!


2. Accent wall: While a large room full of wallpaper may seem to busy or overwhelming for a space, the perfect way to get the benefits of the pattern and color is to use the wallpaper on one accent wall.  It can be a great backdrop for a lovely bed or an entry foyer.  It also has the added bonus of setting  the basis for the color palette in the room.  Just be certain to choose a wallpaper that is proper in scale and proportion, meaning you do not want a wallpaper that competes with other patterns in the room (i.e. pillow fabrics, chair fabrics, bedspread fabrics, etc.)


3. Built-ins:  Many homes today are being designed and constructed with built-in shelves in the family or living room space.  This creates a wall of shelves that cannot be ignored – they should be accessorized AND have a lovely backdrop.  Nothing can make a set of built-in cabinets and shelves look more interesting than a textured or patterned wallpaper to break-up the monotony of a wall of shelving!  It is also a great place to get a pop of color on the wall.  There are so many textured wallpapers today that your options are endless:  grasscloth, cork, faux wood, torn paper, glitter paper, geometric patterned paper, etc.  Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and do something unique and beautiful!