Ombre (also called “degradation” or “gradient”) in interior design is a color transition that moves from light to dark tones or incorporates multiple tints of color. Ombre patterns can have a dramatic impact via multiple applications by providing saturations of color that blend from light to dark shades. While ombre tends to lean more modern or transitional in style, it can be used in so many ways, such as floor coverings, wall coverings, window treatments and much more. Check out some of our favorite applications of this trend!

Wall Coverings

This metallic ombre grasscloth brilliantly compliments the chic texture of the velvet, blue sofa.

In stark contrast to the bold metallic ombre above, this ombre grasscloth provides a subtle yet eye-catching effect on this accent wall.


This custom-painted grasscloth (currently a work in progress) makes a lovely accent wall in CHD’s client’s home.

The soothing painted wood walls in this carriage house bedroom create relaxing scenery much more interesting than a solid wall color.


Ombre tile makes a stunning accent wall in any kitchen or bath.


A lush, ombre rug can make a statement in a room or merely serve as a neutral anchor while still being interesting.

Window Treatments

These ombre draperies provide a luxe yet earthy backdrop while still letting light in in this dreamy living space.