Why did you become an interior designer?
I became an Interior Designer because it simply is in my blood. I grew up shadowing my father as he designed on the side. I consider myself fortunate by realizing design was my career at  very young age.

Favorite Design Trends (Past & Present):
My favorite design trend is bold patterned wallpaper in a small powder bathroom. It just makes the space feel like a small jewel box. Another current favorite trend is millennial pink, also known as “blush’ and the use of it as the new neutral for any space.

How would you describe your personal design style?
My personal design style is a blend between Swedish Modern and Bohemian design. I like for the space to both livable, minimal with accent conversational pieces.

Favorite Design Quote:
“A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.” Juan Montoya

Favorite room of your own home and why?
My favorite room of my home is our upstairs loft space. It is a multipurpose room as my home office, the future play room for my son, and movie room. It is very open and gets great sunlight.

Favorite Fabric:
My go to favorite fabric is a velvet. The richness is just delicious and the colors can be soft or dark and patterned or solid. I am also very inspired by watercolor linen fabrics today.

Favorite Color:
My favorite color is taupe. I think it has the warmth that gray tones do not offer and still a classic neutral.

This is a picture of a dreamy master bedroom I designed in Charlotte, NC. The client asked for a serene bedroom that can also be shared with their four legged friends. I was able to achieve this request by layering different fabric textures throughout. The drapes are a sheer embroidered linen allowing light to come in and create a romantic vibe. Both the bedding and accent blanket are washable, and the area rug is a polypropylene rug which is more pet friendly than viscose.