Why did you become an interior designer?
Design runs deep within my blood. My grandmother, mom, and dad started CHD INTERIORS over 40 years ago, and I remember being as little as five years old helping to organize fabrics by color and pattern. I have always loved design and actually thought I wanted to be a fashion designer. Fast forward a few years when I decided to become an attorney and practiced for several years before deciding my design roots and inherent eye for design were too good not to pursue! After I had my second child, I felt called to immerse myself in the design world as it has always come second nature to me.

Favorite Design Trends (Past & Present):
It is difficult for me to elaborate my favorite design trends as the very word itself – “trend” – seems implicate a fleeting style or method of design. To the extent this can even be considered a “trend,” I would say my favorite trend is a design style that is evolving and looks accumulated over time. While I tend to lean towards a more transitional style of design for my home, I travel a lot and absolutely love to collect things on my trips as reminders of who I am and where I have been. I enjoy incorporating those “memories” into my interior design. I love my barstool custom bee cushions made from fabric I found on a street market in Provence. And, they take me back to that very special moment every time I look at them. I collect oyster plates from our antique buying trips and adorn the shelves in my living room with them. Do I think this “acquired” style of design is trendy? No. Absolutely not. I think it is singular, timeless, and anyone can do it regardless of their design leanings.

How would you describe your personal design style?
Because I love an acquired, yet designed look, I tend to like to mix old things in with the new. I LOVE contemporary pieces mixed in with antiques and think that juxtaposition makes a space so unique. People tend to think you must choose one or other, but I believe the most interesting spaces have that juxtaposition in some way – whether it is neutrals with bold colors, or a lacquered buffet in a room with an antique dining table. I always tell people to mix it up. All of your wood tones need not match! In fact, avoid being matchy matchy. It is more interesting that way.

Favorite Design Quote:
“An interior is the natural projection of the soul.” Coco Chanel

Favorite room of your own home and why?
My teeny, tiny sunroom that opens into my kitchen is my favorite room in my house. It has 4 chairs separated by an ottoman in the center and provides an intimate space for talking with friends. It is right next to my kitchen so our guests can always sit and talk while we cook. It is where we congregate, and where my children climb all over me like monkeys. It also has a pretty amazing piece of art of a lady smoking a cigar, and her expression exudes empowerment. I love it!

Favorite Home Accessories:
I love accessories and art that give a nod to natural elements. I am a firm believer that every home should have a plethora of live plants. Live plants add so much color and LIFE to your space. I also like to use shells and natural, live edge woods. My dad helped me to design a floating bar in my living area made of pieces of raw edge cypress pulled out of our local Waccamaw River. The old wood has a contemporary style of design and that is just the juxtaposition I love! I also have an antique beam from a local plantation that I use as a mantel and it is mounted on brick that was on Front Street in Georgetown when the fire occurred years ago. These finishing touches tell such a story – and that story means a heck of a lot to me.

Favorite Fabric:
I am a sucker for a plush velvet fabric. I love to imagine myself in large master bathroom with plush velvet chairs awaiting me as I finish a bubble bath. I am currently obsessed with a new multi-colored, abstract Clarke and Clarke velvet that I am already trying to find a place to put in my house! My poor husband… I am also obsessed with Romo, Vervain and Brunschwig and Fils fabrics.

Favorite Color:
A light aqua, seafoam blue