Tis the season to make your tables lovely! If only it were that easy, right? We have so many clients that love to entertain but need just a little help making their dining tables pop. And lucky for us, we know just how to help you in that department.

When designing any table centerpiece, here are a couple key considerations you must keep in mind:

What is the appropriate scale and proportion for your table? In other words, what size center piece do you need? You want it to be large enough to make an impact, but not so big that you don’t have enough space to dine. You want it tall enough to have a presence, but not so tall you can’t see your dinner date across the table.

settings 1

Make it interesting and mix it up! There are so many interesting things you can incorporate into a dining centerpiece – greenery, flowers, shells, little pumpkins, antique trinkets – the sky is the limit!

Settings 2
settings 3
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