Because we are located on the coast, we are very fortunate to have many clients who come to us and either want us to design their coastal vacation home or simply want their primary residence to reflect the beauty outside. There seems to be a negative stigma attached to requesting a design style that is “beachy” – enter CHD’s “Lowcountry Chic” twist on a classy, coastal design style. You absolutely CAN decorate beautiful homes with a coastal feel and in an understated, elegant way. Here are a few tips to remember and some ideas for how you can do it the right way!

There is such thing as too much of a good thing. To design tastefully and use elements from outdoors (shells, driftwood, etc.), use those elements in a way that makes an impact but isn’t tacky.

Coast 1
Coast 2

A monochromatic collection of items is a wonderful way to make a statement. This grouping of white coral pieces is lovely under the antique ships wools. The weathered canvas wallcovering and rope, jute trim further builds upon this theme but in a tasteful way.

Coast 3

Be creative. Even something as simple as this coral fan mounted on the wall can add texture and something interesting to this powder room.

Coast 4

Better yet, how about taking that old crab trap you were gonna toss and make a console table?

Coast 5

“Shell fabric? Really?” Yes, really!!! Some of the world’s most esteemed designers make gorgeous fabrics with sea life and sea shells and they can simply MAKE a room. Check out a few

Coast 6
Coast 7
Coast 8

Moral of the story: It can be done. Don’t shy away from using the beauty outside your windows inside your home. We are blessed we live in a place with so much magnificence surrounding us!

of these designer, signature fabrics and how we used them as the statement colors in these spaces.