Luxurious & Playful Homes in Charlotte, NC

Our most recent design transformation in Charlotte, NC, is unlike any other we’ve seen before. These houses are owned by a mother and daughter wanting to stay close to each other yet enjoy their separate spaces. Joined by a lush garden, these two homes are uniquely designed to their respective owners’ tastes but still complement each other and create perfect harmony. The owners’ styles and personalities seep into the living spaces and ultimately tell their stories.

For the daughter, we just finished remodeling and designing much of the house. We updated an amazing kitchen that is joined with a formal living area, a “pink” sitting room, a martini “suede” wallpaper lounge, a “Gucci” wallpaper foyer, a cigar lounge, and a master suite. For her mother, we designed a new living and dining area and several other exterior garden living spaces that were updated to perfection.