Although decorating is highly subjective, there are some agreed-upon decor talents that not everyone has. If you are one of the many homeowners who look at a space and become paralyzed when it comes to decorating, you are not alone. Some people need inspiration; others need practical advice; still, others need someone to come in, take over, and decorate from start to finish. Regardless of where you stand on the decorating spectrum, the skill set of the interior decorator in Mt. Pleasant, SC, that you hire does matter. Look for these things before you turn over the keys to your decor.


Many critical interior decorating talents can’t be taught. You either have an eye, or you don’t. When you walk into someone’s home and have the task of making their decor unique, but most of all, uniquely them, it can take some trial and error. Before hiring someone, look for an interior decorator with experience in the field working with various types of clients. There will inevitably be challenges, but someone who has been around the block once or twice will have more experience to draw from.


Not everyone has an endless budget, so most have to be somewhat guided by their budget. You should never hire an interior decorator in Charleston, or anyone working in your home for that matter, just because they are the least expensive option. There is a huge difference between going with the most inexpensive option and choosing a decorator who is “cost competitive.” As with everything else in life, with decorating, you typically get what you pay for. The least expensive option could mean you are getting inferior-quality goods or advice, or that your decorator is not appropriately allocating your monies where needed most. Take all factors into consideration before deciding, not just cost.

Personality Style

Remember, someone is coming into your home to help you decorate. If you are okay with turning over complete control to your interior decorator, then release the reins! If, however, you are looking for someone who will work alongside you, consider your preferences, and respect your choices, make sure you are comfortable with and have faith in the personality style of your interior decorator. This is your home, and it is your decision how much you want to be involved in the process.


An interior decorator is an artist in the truest sense of the word. When it comes to talent, some excel, and it shows. Check out the previous work and design of the interior decorator before you hire them. It is always a good idea to gauge former projects and how much you like the completed project. Past performance typically showcases capabilities.

Interior decorating is a highly subjective field, but if there weren’t some agreed-upon standards of good decor versus garish, there would be no such thing as an interior decorator. With so many interior decorators in Charleston, the choice can be overwhelming. It is essential to consider all factors before choosing. At CHD Interiors, not only do we have the qualities that you need in a home decorating professional in Charleston; we are passionate about helping you craft a home you love. Contact us today to discuss how we can help with your next decorating project!