The newest trend in home decor and styles might surprise you because it’s modeled after our grandparents. Cottage core and granny chic-style homes are sweeping the internet as the newest, cozy home interiors. This style was inspired by the idea of letting you be you and allowing you to be as comfortable as possible in your home. Here at CHD, we really value the idea of designing a home specifically for our client. We want our homeowners to feel like the best version of themselves the second they enter their living space.

Granny chic and cottage core homes look a lot like our beloved grandmothers’ houses. Picture lots of details and designs, intricate and antique furniture pieces, and comforting colors, but with a modern flare. A couple of new, sleek pictures or lamps added to a familiar cottage house will give you the inviting feeling of granny chic. You will get an overall sense of nostalgia when you enter this style of home.

Cottage Core and Granny Chic

This new (or, old) style took form like most other trends do, following the latest fashion. People, especially young women, are changing their style all the time. We are seeing a trend of more conservative, loose clothing that resembles what our grandmothers wore while visiting the coast, hence the term “coastal grandmother.” The phrase reminds us of relaxing days spent lounging by the water, crisp linen outfits, and farm-inspired homes. These granny chic homes are complementing the fluffy-sleeved clothes and ruffles in fashion that we can spot more and more often these days. Granny chic/Cottage core homes hold spaces that have depth and the warmth of accessories and layers of items in the house to create a warm inviting space.

Who is embracing this new style, you may ask? They are 30 to 50-year-olds who want to create homes like their grandmothers. They are yearning for the warmth and family values of past years. You don’t have to be a grandparent to live this new lifestyle. It is for anyone and everyone.

At CHD, we are so excited to fully embrace this new style. While we have already dipped our toes in the water with much of our past and recent interior designs, we are looking forward to finding new trends and helping our clients decorate their homes to be their best “granny” selves.