With the arrival of a new year, one may wonder how to tastefully decorate and accessorize your home with fresh, saturated colors. Here at CHD Interiors, we utilize some great tricks to make a home feel warm and festive all year round.


Centerpieces are a great way to add color to your space. Create a bold centerpiece by mixing a variety of cool and warm colors. Gemstone colors, such as amethyst, and colorful flowers add a great pop of color for your centerpiece and provide a great contrast to metal, glass and wood finishes. Also, remember to add a variety of textures and heights to your centerpiece, as this adds depth and dimension and brings the eye upwards toward your room.


Colorful and bold fabrics are another way to tie in your signature colors and enhance your space. Choosing a bold fabric for window treatments or the back of your chairs gives your room a very custom, tailored and enhanced look. Remember to accessorize book cases, tables or fireplaces to tie in your fabric color choices.


Colorful islands and backsplashes also enhance your color scheme and help create warmth in your room. Also, utilize bold chair fabrics for barstools, which can tie in your island and backsplash colors and give your room a modern and transitional feel.


Colored lighting is another inventive way to brighten up your space. Look for brightly colored pendants, chandeliers and lamps to incorporate your color choices as well as tie in signature fabrics and painted furniture and accessories. This allows you to keep your essentials in a neutral palate, while also spicing up your space and demonstrating your personal style with the bold colors you select.