Putting together beautiful interiors is a big job. We have some jobs that have over 1,000 pieces of paperwork generated in their execution. Interior designers, and we have 10 of them on staff, are obviously indispensable in the process. But, we found out many years ago that we could improve on our design projects by putting together design teams for every job. We find that makes the whole design process so much more successful. Designers are best at designing and we understand that. So, design teams make the process much better for our clients.


When we start your design project, a team of 5 different department members are assembled from Day One of the process. We have a lead designer who is the primary design force of the job helping to make sure your vision of the aesesthetics of your home’s design is perfect. We also have a design assistant for each job to help with the creative vision as well as the logistics, paperwork, etc. for each job. These two people will be involved in most all of the meetings we have with you on your home—meaning there are two sets of eyes and ears to give you just what you are looking for in your home. Additionally, an order entry person is assigned to place orders and track them to their final destination to our fabricators and installers. Next, we have a professional installation team assigned to each job, and lastly, we have a bookkeeping team to track all the paperwork and make sure our vendors execute their billing correctly. There’s your village.

Team Blog Collage

This attention to detail makes your interior design job not only look good but operate efficiently and be finished in a timely manner. This is what makes your job appear to evolve easily and without frustration on your part. It really does take teamwork. And, we have some great folks in our village to make it happen.