A cocktail table is the central point of a living room and can be the most difficult piece of furniture to select since all the other furniture is placed around it. There are several types of cocktail tables that are both functionally and aesthetically pleasing. A few example types of cocktail tables are: an upholstered ottoman, an antique trunk, two garden stools, a mirrored or glass top, or a set of individual nesting tables. Your options are endless! Believe it or not there are some fun tips on decorating the top of your cocktail table.

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An antiqued mirrored top (shown above) allows light and color to reflect around the room. A mirrored top can also enhance any ceiling details or light fixtures to be incorporated into one’s view.

A few fun tips for dressing up your cocktail table:

1) Accessories are the best balanced when they are grouped in odd numbers together. For example (shown above) three moss balls of greenery fill the bowl nicely.

2) Another way to add interest is to select three varying accessory heights from low, medium and tall.

3) Selecting botanical accessories or plants is a great way to add another texture.

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If you choose a cocktail table with no drawers or storage below, a basket can be added to hold blankets, movies or games for the living room. A box with a lid on top of the table is great for storing remote controls. Be sure to check out our LED candles for setting the mood without the hassle of replacing used candles!

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A tray is a great option for a larger cocktail table while offering another surface especially on an upholstered ottoman. A tray also makes it easy for converting your cocktail table into a hors d’oeuvres table for guests. A cocktail table is somewhere you can display conversational pieces like this flip book for lovely thoughts on each day of the year or personal photo albums.

Cheers to Cocktail table Designing!