After all of the celebrations draw to a close and the holiday decorations come down, a perfect opportunity unfolds to steam line your life for the season ahead. It’s time to purge, de-clutter your space and get a fresh new take on your surroundings for the New Year.

As we kick off the new winter season, packing our festive holiday sparkle back in the cardboard boxes from which they came, it’s a good time to ponder… what do I need to part with in the New Year? What can I saw farewell to in order to make my home a more streamlined and relaxing place? When repacking your treasures, look for items that have become chipped or scratched, or otherwise broken, and throw them out before they resume their positions deep in the top of your closet or attic only to be stored for another long year. Getting rid of broken or useless things can free up your mind space, literally opening the door to a fresh start.

As you go through your storage spaces, keep only the items that really mean something to you, or are visually appealing to you and use those items to re-stage your universe. That scarf that you bought because the colors rocked your world can start it’s new life as a pillow or table runner and you will fall in love with it all over again! Give the ones that never really spoke to you to the local Goodwill because who knows – your trash may become someone else’s treasure!

After paring down your objects to a few special things you cannot bear to part with, make them shine and sparkle like new with a fresh coat of paint. Paint those old lamps of your grandma’s that bright pink you have always loved! Make things more interesting!

New Year Blog Collage

MOST importantly, don’t forget to reward yourself for all of your hard work! Splurge on a new piece of art or a great mirror surely to become the next perfect things you cannot live with out. And, if you feel like you cannot do it alone, hire a professional. A creative interior designer can help you see all the new possibilities!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR from the CHD Team!