The most important detail when ordering upholstered furniture is the type of fabric specified. Tons of durable fabric options are available now, more than ever before, from both commercial and residential fabric manufacturers. By selecting a durable fabric, you can have the luxury of beautiful, livable AND functional spaces. For example, a Sunbrella fabric is proven to stand up, in most situations, to a wide array of stains and messes. Sunbrella material was discovered after 45 years of developmental research, and consists of a material similar to spun cotton. Mildew that might come up on a Sunbrella fabric can be treated with water, mild soap, and even a bleach mixture. Dust can literally be dusted off the fabric. Sunbrella fabric has been proven to be kid and pet friendly – the Sunbrella website even features a video showing kids applying ketchup, crayons, and other products to the fabric, and the Sunbrella fabric literally repels everything by merely wiping it down with water! Frequent laundry washing is an option on removable covers and helps extend the life of the material without requiring dry cleaning (just do not dry in the dryer – air dry instead to avoid any shrinkage).

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Another uber durable fabric is crypton fiber. Crypton is a family-owned business that created Crypton fabric to be both durable and virtually “indestructible,” while maintaining a beautiful and touchable quality. Crypton is a flagship material used for protection against stains, odor, and mildew. The “hand of the fabric” (i.e. Crypton’s feel and texture) hasimproved significantly so this durable fabric can be used in any application, such as bedding or upholstered furniture. Additionally, the finishes of the fabric can be more durable depending on the blend of fibers, while having the same aesthetic features as normal, less durable fabrics. The options are limitless, especially since so many fabrics offer the same features as silks, linens, and velvets, while not actually containing the characteristics that make them hard to clean.

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Let our CHD designers assist you in selecting the perfect fabric for your application. We want our customers to be happy, and providing you something beautiful and durable is our number one priority!

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