Living in coastal South Carolina is a true blessing.  The beauty of our coast is something to be celebrated, so don’t hesitate to do just that in the interior of your home!  All too often we have clients come in for assistance designing a coastal inspired home, and their number one request is for  a coastal theme that doesn’t look to kitschy.  Fortunately, we have tons of experience designing classy, upscale, elegant homes, while maintaining a relaxed and effortless finished product.  And, we have a fabric room with over a million fabrics to choose from!

When designing any room, we always look first for a signature fabric to serve as the primary pattern and color palette for the room.  And, we want to prove to you that there are beautiful coastal prints to inspire you!  Here are ten amazing coastal themed fabrics to get you started on your sophisticated and “Lowcountry chic” home.


Fabrics 1

By Clarence House


Fabrics 2

By Pierre Frey


Fabrics 3

By Clarence House


Fabrics 4

By Thibaut


Fabrics 5

By Cowton and Tout


Fabrics 6

By Manuel Conovas


Fabrics 7

By Manuel Conovas


Fabrics 8

By Clarence House


Fabrics 9

By Soleil Bleu


Fabrics 10

By Colefax and Fowler